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My name is Saskia Kalwinek and I am a Sydney based Sex Therapist (Sexologist). I am passionate about empowering people to explore, enjoy and improve their sexual life, health, self-esteem, communication, and knowledge. My background is Polish. I grew up in Lodz (Poland) and moved to study in Australia. I have also lived and worked in the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Thailand. I have travelled extensively, and have met and lived with people from various cultures and backgrounds. My multinational friendships and relationships have taught me a non- judgmental, understanding, and proactive approach to life. My experiences have made me realise the value of being true to oneself. Those lessons are especially important when approaching issues of mental health. I incorporate all of my knowledge gained during studies, work, and travels into my approach to counselling. I believe that everyone is entitled to a pleasurable and functional sexual life. Transformation sometimes needs therapeutic help. I want to allow my clients to share their stories in an environment that is free of judgment. My mission is to help
people see their sexual life not as shameful but as a gift that they can enjoy.

Services Available:

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In taking care of one’s quality of life, one must take care to look after their relationships and nurture their sexuality. It is self investment, and arguably one of the most important investments we can make in our lives. Uncover your desires, overcome your barriers and discover a path to self actualisation without judgment or taboo.

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Professional Development
  • Relational Life Therapy Practitioner (therapy for couples, course by Terry Real)
  • Masters of Medicine in Psychosexual Therapy (The University of Sydney; SAS Member)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist for Past Life Regression (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques, course by Dolores Cannon)
  • Internal Family Systems Therapist (IFSCA)
  • Art Therapist (Guided Drawing & other art approaches)
  • Accredited Counsellor (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors; ACA Member)
  • Certified Cognitive Behavioural Practitioner (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course by Kain Ramsey)
  • Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Italian Studies (The University of Sydney)

Learn more about my techniques, approaches, exercises, and resources here.

And here about what Sex Therapy is.

Group Therapy

Join me for one or more of my workshops that I offer online and in-person (Sydney, CBD location) depending on demand in a certain month. Learn more about sexuality, relationships, dating, communication, and mindfulness. All of my workshops include an introduction to mindfulness because of its profound benefits in each of the areas that I focus on.


Step 1: Book a Free 15min Phone Consult

During this short consult, we will discuss the reasons for you reaching out. I will be able to establish if and how I can help you with your problems. We will also, briefly discuss organisational matters such as booking the first paid consultation and future communication.


Step 2: Book your First Session

Sessions are an hour in length. During the first consult you will read through and sign a counselling contract (if you are doing online sessions I will send you the contract before the session via email). I will explain how the process works, what is involved, and what are the terms and conditions. The rest of the session will be focused on you and your reasons for starting the counselling process and coming up with a plan for future consultations.


Step 3: Immerse Yourself into the Counselling Process

Motivation, consistency, and the will to learn are the key components of a positive change. The therapy that I will be using is specially tailored to your needs and situation. Please, explore my website to learn more about techniques that I use with clients.

Discovering the Power and Potential of Sex Counselling

The ways we approach and consider intimacy are integral to who we are. Although you may not yet think of it as such, a healthy approach to sex is an important element of mental health and wellness. Like in other areas of our lives, we can encounter problems, roadblocks, conflict and many concerns. The goal of our sex counselling is to help you navigate these issues.

Counselling, Intimacy Therapy, and More

Through our primary certified practitioner, Saskia Kalwinek, we provide comprehensive services that include individual and couples counselling, guided therapy, and other related services. We tailor our approach to every individual.

Our main modality for couples is Relational Life Therapy by Terry Real, where we develop positive communication skills in your relationship. We propose Discernment counselling for people on the brink of divorce, where we discuss three options to follow.

Where applicable, we follow some of the most researched and efficient Gottman principles on relationship stability.

Using the principles of sexological study and contemporary mental health tools, we’ll build a plan based on your needs. Let’s work together to move from where you are to where you want to be in your sex life.

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We’re Ready to Start Helping You Today

Taking the first step towards investing in your mental well-being is a big move. We understand how challenging and frightening it can be to embark upon this journey at first. Find out more about our services or book a free 15-minute consultation with our practitioner today. We’re ready to answer questions and put your mind at ease.