Do it for yourself
Make vulnerability
sexy again!
It is never too late
Discover your true Self without taboo

Looking after relationships and sexuality is taking care of one's quality of life. A self-investment, the most important investment of our life. Start a psychosexual counselling process to uncover your desires and a path to self-actualisation without judgments and taboos.

Love Empowerment Clinic – Supports patients with various sexual diseases


Step 1: Book a Free 15min Phone Consult

During this short consult, we will discuss the reasons for your outreach. I will be able to establish if and how I can help you with your problems. We will also, briefly discuss organisational matters such as booking of the first paid consultation and future communication.


Step 2: Book your First Session

Sessions are an hour in length. During the first consult you will read through and sign a counselling contract (if you are doing online sessions I will send you the contract before the session via email). I will explain how the process works, what is involved, and what are the terms and conditions. The rest of the session will be focused on you and your reasons for starting the counselling process and coming up with a plan for future consultations.


Step 3: Immerse Yourself into the Counselling Process

Motivation, consistency, and the will to learn are the key components of a positive change. The therapy which I will be using is specially tailored to your needs and situation. Please, explore my website to learn more about techniques that I use with clients.

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