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Getting To Know Your Parts

Have a look at the Wheel of Parts. This is your inner system of different aspects of yourself. People as spiritual, loving, rational, and deeply thinking beings are composed of various parts. We can have fun, loving, and creative parts but also critical, sad, and hurt parts. We are a creation composed of factors such as upbringing, social interactions, biology, psychological states, individual wants, and needs, feelings, thoughts, and unique experiences.

Your Internal Emotional System

At the core of us, there is always the Self, the main component of us as people.

The Self is our core value, it’s a compassionate leader which brings the best in us. However, there are also different parts that are not as resilient and strong. Exiles are our hurt parts, perhaps some traumatic experiences which may threaten the system.

Exiles are kept away for protection and are guarded by the Mangers and FirefightersFirefighters are more physical and external in nature. They are the distractions that keep us from visiting the Exiled parts, they can be destructive.

Managers on the other hand want to help us do good and regain power over our life. Those are all the controlling and self-critical thoughts that come to your mind. They want to protect us from falling and getting hurt.

Even though Managers what is best for our internal system they are not healthy in a long run. They make us feel insecure, inadequate, and worthless. Managers and Firefighters and like bandaid solution to our Exile problem.

The best and long-term solution is to reconnect with the Self, talk to your Managers and Exiles to establish what are their needs. Soothing and understanding the Exiles can permanently solve your problems. When the Exile will understand that they are not under threat anymore and that they do not need to feel hurt or insecure they stop being a threat to the system. Manages can then release the Exiles and those subsystems are no longer needed. You can focus on being your true Self!

What is Internal Family Systems Therapy?

It seeks to connect you in a direct way with your emotions. Name them and discover their needs. Sets of emotions and thoughts that arise from difficult memories can become your Parts. Parts are dysfunctional coping mechanisms and strong internal emotions. If you can help them trust you you can take over their control over you and live a life with healthy patterns and be able to ease your difficult emotions.

Therapeutic Session Costs

Consult - 15 min

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How To Talk To Your Parts?

Parts Psychology views the creation of parts, potentially throughout a person’s life, as an expression of a universal human development process that allows people to adjust to their changing environments, both external and physical as well as internal changes brought about through growth and maturation.

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Think about some situations in your life that bring on a strong reaction. Here are some ways to clarify the parts that are having this reaction.
  • What feelings go with this reaction?
  • Where do you feel it in your body?
  • What are the thoughts that go with this reaction? What would this part like to say?
  • Allow an image to form in your mind that would represent this part. What would it look like?
You can also become aware of your primary parts by observing yourself as you go through your daily life. Observe and note:
  • What situations active the part?
  • What feelings and actions accompany these parts?
  • What functions do these parts have?
  • How are they trying to help you?
  • How do those around you react when you are in the part?
  • How do you feel afterward?
  • Are there any other parts that later react to these parts having expressed themselves?
If you think of parts as helpers, you might notice that you have several of the following types of parts and you might note them:
  • Parts that help you get things done
  • Parts that help you know and assert your needs
  • Parts that help you relax, play and have fun

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