Group Therapy

Join me for one or more of my workshops that I offer online and in-person (Sydney, CBD location) depending on demand in a certain month. Learn more about sexuality, relationships, dating, communication, and mindfulness. All of my workshops include an introduction to mindfulness because of its profound benefits in each of the areas that I focus on. It is not an opportunity for a therapeutic session, but you can feel free to ask questions about the presented topics and exercises. It’s a unique opportunity to educate yourself on those, so underexplained at schools yet crucial for our life, topics. Become an expert in those areas to improve your life in the very best way possible. I teach not only the latest science behind those topics but also, a particular way of life and a new mindset that gives you a fresh perspective.

Tickets for each workshop are $80 per person.

Become a Mesmerising Dater

It’s a 2 hours workshop with a 15 min break in between. It’s for all of you single people out there and folk in open relationships. I explain the psychology behind certain dating phenomena such as ghosting. We will also discuss red flags and if they can be changed to yellow ones and eventually disappear from the horizon so that you can run together into the sunset. Objectivity, mindfulness, and courage are also vital topics of the workshop because if the red flags stay we need to leave! There will be plenty of practical exercises and tips for you to use on your dating journey. We will also talk about current dating culture and trends and about what you need to do to find the right partner.

Workshop Structure:


  • Inner work and internal preparation for the dating world.
  • Dating culture and trends in contemporary society.
  • Handling rejections.
  • Dealing with dating burnout.
  • Process of looking for and approaching a potential dating partner.
  • Social and dating skills improvement.
  • List of red flags and potential remedies. + List of green flags
  • Power struggle in the early dating. (learn how to invest in people in a smart way)
  • Sexuality and intimacy during the dating period.
  • Moving from dating to a relationship.






Become Formidable Couple

This workshop is also running for 2 hours with a 15min break. During that time we will discuss what it takes to be a great partner and give your 100% to have a happy and fulfilling relationship. Couples very often struggle with maintaining good communication, and connection on an emotional and sexual level. Learn how to navigate the uneasy waters of a long-term relationship. A part of a workshop will be devoted to interactive exercises between partners that I will guide and facilitate. Exercises do not include nudity or sexual poses, the most physical of exercises will be guided hand massage. I will also talk about polyamorous relationships


Workshop Structure:


  • Efficient and connected communication between partners with tips and exercises.
  • Types of intimacy and speaking each other’s love languages.
  • Navigating polyamorous relationships.
  • Increasing libido and desire.
  • Handling sexual dysfunctions together.
  • Experimentation and new ideas. (tantric sex, kink, BDSM, accessories)




couple kissing

Uninhibited Sexuality Workshop

This workshop is for anyone that wishes to rediscover their sexual world. It will also be 2 hours workshop with a 15min break in between. Both couples and individuals are welcome. We will talk about communication with a sexual undertone, common sexual problems, and how to tackle them. We will also go on a journey to explore different ideas and accessories that you can use in the bedroom.


Workshop Structure:


  • Communication in the context of sexuality and inner work.
  • Discovering what you want from sex.
  • Common sexual problems and cures.
  • Tantric sex philosophy.
  • Kink, BDSM, and sex accessories.
  • Polyamory and opened relationships.
  • Embodiment exercises.




couple - sex

Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop

It’s a workshop for all interested in relaxation and mindful techniques. I’ll explain my understanding and work with meditation and mindfulness. This workshop goes on for 2 hours with 15 min break in between. We will talk about the philosophy and science behind those techniques. After I’ll present you with theory we will practice multiple exercises together. Feel free to ask questions in between the exercises.


Workshop Structure:


  • Philosophy and science behind meditation and mindfulness.
  • Practical explanation of the exercises.
  • Mindfulness exercises.
  • Meditation exercises.
  • Group discussion and questions about the techniques.



meditation - zen

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