You most often ask about

Yes! We will sign a contract which will also protect your privacy. I do not share any information about you with unauthorised people.

There are few exceptions to the rule:

  1. If there is a risk of harm to yourself or someone else.
  2. When your records are requested by a court subpoena.
  3. You have given me prior approval to:
    • Provide a written report to another professional e.g. GP or lawyer.
    • Discuss the material with another person e.g. your partner or family member.

I do talk to a clinical supervisor about my clients but this is done in a professional manner and does not disclose identity. Supervision is essential to maintaining a high standard of therapy and ethics. All professional counsellors and therapists are required to have regular supervision.

The first session is for us to start feeling comfortable with each other and build a counselling relationship that will base on trust and understanding. You can tell me your story and establish if you will be comfortable enough to continue the sessions.

I will assess what can be done during upcoming meetings and will do my very best to provide comfort which you need to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I am a very non-judgemental person in nature,

I have met many different people from multiple backgrounds and with extraordinary stories, happy and sad ones. I can understand that certain circumstances change our thinking and behaviour dramatically. However, the therapy gives you the means to overcome those difficult situations.

The more work you put in the quicker the result will be visible. But every person is different and there is no standard deadline in terms of mental health.

Face to face sessions last 60 minutes and sessions are booked weekly or fortnightly depending on your needs and the issues you are facing. Very limited concession fees may be available in exceptional circumstances and at my discretion

I abide by the Society of Australian Sexologists (SAS) code of ethics. SAS in turn abides by the ethics of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS).

My professional supervision ensures that I am upholding these codes.

It is an absolutely normal reaction at the beginning of the counselling process. Telling your deepest secrets and emotions to a new person can be intimidating especially in the area of sexual life. But I provide a safe space for you to share and will do my very best to make you feel secure and comfortable. I will also provide you with exercises and techniques which you can use to feel less anxious.

The change will not happen overnight but starting the counselling process and relationship will change your life for the better and give you knowledge, skills, and techniques to fend for yourself in the most difficult situations.


The therapist should never be touching you or telling you to perform any type of sexual activity during the session.

The sex therapist should, however, be comfortable with talking about sex and intimacy. Also, forms of sexual activity can be included as homework for you if you will be comfortable with it.