Secrets of a Formidable Dater


Fear no more this is a book with much needed realistic, therapeutic and practical serum for your problems. lt will, however, require you to go on an interna! journey to take a hard look at yourself, your past dating patterns, communication style and how your childhood.
We will be asking: What can You do to change your love life situation?
Your actions and mindset are the only things that you can control so let's focus on those factors. We will explore the world of boundaries, attachment styles, social skills and resiliance in combiantion with tour around current dating scene. l'm providing practcal advice and exercises to guide you on this exploration.

This dating guide is for anyone looking for love and can’t seem to get it right! Have you noticed that you repeat the same unhelpful patterns? Ending up in the same helpless love life situations? This book will help you notice your patterns and show you how you can change them to find someone special. I use scientific and peer-reviewed research to back up my advice and to present to you how the contemporary dating world works. I also talk about how to actively choose someone who will be an amazing partner for you and not fall into passivity, for example blaming life, dating, and the people that you are dating.

The first part of this book talks about how to become the partner that you want. I discuss differences in people’s attachment styles, creating healthy boundaries with others, communication and social skills, and a general mindset that will help you be the best person and partner in the future. I also, talk about childhood being a major factor in our dating patterns and partner choice. When we realize what are we doing it is much easier to change it. To help you do that I provide some suggestions and tips. I also, preset different types of relationship options and how to go about choosing the best one for you. This part is crucial because to attract a partner that you want you need to become a desirable partner yourself.

The second part of the book delves into what dating in contemporary society is like. I’m bringing up the idea of Dating Burnout – a situation when you feel overwhelmed and resigned at the thought of dating because of the endless unsuccessful search for love. To combat Dating Burnout, I suggest the concept of Mindful Dating. This means staying centered, and objective and having a balanced life that will help you date from the “good place”.
I talk about ghosting and why people do it. We also discuss how to handle difficult dating situations such as resurfacing ghosters or text message misunderstandings. I show you how to flirt, joke, and be around your new infatuation. I also discuss different types of initiation of romantic contact such as directly approaching, third-party involvement, or online dating apps, and how to use each approach in the best way. Lastly, I give you a list of red and green flags that people can exhibit and some ways to check whether or not red flags can be bleached and eventually disappear. The final chapter gives you a checklist that will show you if your chosen one could be compatible in every important way so that you minimize the possibility of major roadblocks during long-term relationships. It will be much easier for you to navigate the dating realm with this science-backed information.

The book provides multiple exercises and tools for you to use daily because being a good dater also means being a good and functional human.