… my throat was dry with the heavy breathing the sweat made my heartfelt needy in that moment of half crumbled sheets, tightly clenched fists and me. Filled with desire all that I wanted was love, sex, and water…

Christy Ann Martine
Saskia Kalwinek - Sexologist
Saskia Kalwinek


My name is Saskia Kalwinek and I am a Sydney based Psychosexual Therapist who is passionate about empowering people to explore, enjoy and improve their sexual life, health, self-esteem, communication, and knowledge.

My background is half Polish half Australian. I grew up in Lodz (Poland) and moved to study in Australia. I have lived and worked also in the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Thailand. I have travelled extensively, also met and lived with people from various cultures and backgrounds. My multinational friendships and relationships have taught me a non-judgemental, understanding, and proactive approach to life. My experiences have made me realise the value of being true to oneself. Those lessons are especially important while thinking of treating mental health. I have incorporated all my knowledge gained during studies, work, and travels into my approach to counselling and supporting my clients.

I believe that everyone is entitled to a pleasurable and functional sexual life. Transformation sometimes needs therapeutic help. I want to allow my clients to share their stories in an environment that is prejudice and taboo free. My mission is to help people see their sexual life not as shameful but as a gift that they can enjoy.

Education and Professional Background

  • Masters of Medicine in Psychosexual Therapy (The University of Sydney)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist for Past Life Regression (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques, course by Dolores Cannon)
  • Diploma of Counselling (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors)
  • Certified Cognitive Behavioural Practitioner (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course by Kain Ramsey)
  • Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Italian Studies (The University of Sydney)

Last update: October 2021.