Patient opinions

Saskia is a very kind and understanding person. I learned a lot during the sessions. I would definitely recommend her services.
Sergey Brin
Bless you! Those sessions gave me so much hope for the future. I have more confidence and I am more resilient. You are a kind and empathetic soul. I enjoyed the exercises and techniques which she has shared with me, they helped me a lot with my anxiety and insecurities. My relationship flourished and my self-esteem is growing. Amazing experience. Keep up the great work!
Sarah Connor
I was very reluctant to contact a therapist but Saskia is super easy to talk to. I didn’t hear any judgment in her voice so I decided to start the sessions. Best decision! Thanks so much for all the help.
Ben Maclyntyre

Clients who received free specialist advice

She is a very professional therapist would recommend. Saskia is an empathetic and caring person it was easy to tell her all my issues. Keep doing what you are doing. All the best.
Kelvin Ross
Kind and professional person. I felt very comfortable while talking to Saskia. Thank you for your advice, it was very useful for my relationship.
Lu Nguyen
Thank you, Saskia for the consult! It was very informative and useful. You seem very understanding of people’s issues.
Ryan Mosley
Great relationship counsellor with a lot of knowledge and empathy.
Sussan S.

Social Media Opinions

Saskia is very grounded and professional but also patient and kindhearted. I tried hypnotherapy for past life regression and it was a transformative experience. I have found out so much about myself and my patch in life. I would definitely recommend this therapy and Saskia as a therapist. Thank you!
Blake Rivas
My husband and I were very happy with the outcomes of the sessions. Saskia gave us better ways of communication and some useful exercises which brought us close together as partners. We started to trust and appreciate each other again. I’m very grateful for the help.
Danika Foley
Saskia is great at her profession, I would recommend her services to everyone who struggles in life. I felt safe and comfortable during sessions. She is very well educated and a good person. My issues were addressed and I have regained connectedness in my relationship with my boyfriend. Thank you so much, Saskia.
Ruben Smith