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25 Types of Sex Toys, pick your favourite

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The sexual toys market has been booming in recent years along with the sexual revolution. Since we stopped perceiving sex as a sin, in a big part of society, the creativity surrounding sex accessories has been unleashed. Including a toy in your sexual scripts doesn’t mean that it is not the ‘real thing’ anymore or that your genitals are not good enough! It is just a playful addition to the connection and fun that you create together. So pick your favourites!




Great to begin with! Can be used for a gentle internal penetration or external on the clitoris. Small and handy.

Soft Touch Bullets

Rabbit Vibrator

Doube stimulation device. with a vibrating end for internal stimulation and another smaller ending which often looks like the ears of a rabbit to stimulate your clitoris with vibrations. There are many different kinds of double stimulation devices so explore!


There are also different types of clitoral vibrators which give you direct stimulation.

Nu Sensuelle Remote Petite Egg

Eva 2 by Dame

Vibrating Underwear

Panties with a build-in bullet vibrator. Remember the movie ‘The Ugly Truth’?

Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty

Wand Vibrator

The vibrating ending of the device can give you intense clitoral stimulation.

Vush Majesty 2 Wand

Tongue Vibrator

For women who like direct clitoral stimulation from oral sex. This device is imitating the tongue. Can be used to also stimulate the nipples. comes with a cylinder that keeps the device steady on your clit.

Sucking Vibrator

For clitoral stimulation. It has an ending that acts as a small vacuum and creates the sensation of sucking on your clit.

Lelo Sona 2

Vibrating Kegel Balls

Vibrating balls which you can safely put inside of your vagina. They will stimulate the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles. They can promote more sensitivity in the vagina and cervix and better orgasms. You can easily take them out with an attached string.

Nalone Miu Miu Kegel Balls

Those devices can also be tried out by men who like some vibrating nipple/anus/penile stimulation. Although, be careful with inserting any device into your anus! This part of the body will suck in any device which does not have a firm ending or an attached string to pull it out. You do not want to end up in the hospital.

Yoni Eggs and Vaginal Beads

Objects which you can safely insert into your vagina. The beads are usually just silicone but yoni eggs are made out of different gemstones. They are said to have different meanings and properties. They can gently train your kegel muscles and pelvic floor for better orgasms. You can easily take those out with a string. The recommendation is not to keep them for longer than 12 hours in your vagina, give it a break before you put them back in.

Benefits of using yoni eggs:

  • Balance menstrual cycles.
  • Foster urinary and digestive health.
  • Increase libido and orgasms.
  • Soothe menstrual cramps.
  • Strengthen vaginal muscles.

  • here you can read more bout different stones used to make yoni eggs and pleasure wands

Magic Crystal Wand

Similar to yoni eggs the Pleasure Wands are made out of gemstones. The wand is really good for a gentle exploration of your vagina and cervix. By gently finding and playing with your cervix perhaps you can eventually achieve a cervical orgasm.

Cervix is usually overstimulated by frequent and intense intercourse which can numb it or understimulated because of a lack of any stimulation. That is why gently stimulating with the wand and bringing your attention to the cervix can make it more prone to feeling sensations and achieving a cervical orgasm which is said to be a full-body experience and more fulfilling than the intense clitoral orgasm.


Cock Rings

Many different shapes and sizes of them are available. Some can vibrate which can give pleasure to both the partners. Some include butt plug as well. They can help to keep the erection too.

Male Masturbators

Made for penis owners, they are supposed to imitate oral sex and intercourse feelings. To be used with lubricant. The tightness is easily adjusted.

Penis Extenders

Size doesn’t matter! But if you want to gain a new experience could be nice to try. The extenders are like covers for a penis that have various outer structures that can give your partner an amazing sensation. To be used with lubricant inside of the cap.


Anal play has been destigmatised and popularised in recent years years. For centuries anal sex was a serious offense even done between a heterosexual married couple.

Now we start to discover how much pleasure it can actually give. Anus has a lot of nerve endings and is able to relax to the point of penetration. The most important part of anal play is relaxation and a lots of lube!


Do not go for the cheapest over-the-counter lubricant. They have sugar in them and when it contacts the skin which also has sugars on it, it is quickly disappearing and you constantly need to add some more. Ask the pharmacist for an organic lubricant or go to an organic store. Use water-based lube for vaginal penetration and anal penetration. You can potentially use oil lube (it lasts longer) for anal sex but if you are using condoms you still need to use water-based lube.


You can clean out your anus before bum play so that you won’t make too much of a mess.


They can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration. They usually have a firm ending which prevents the dildo from being sucked in by the anus. You can also use dildos with the harness.


Use vibrating plugs or vibrators that can stimulate the prostate in men. Just like G-spot in women the prostate can give you a lot of pleasure while stimulated. The prostate can be reached through the anus, it is situated around 3 inches inside the anus. Search for it by gently poking the side which is next to the belly. Dildos can be silicone but also glass and made of stainless steel.

Anal Beads

Similar to vaginal beads. They have a firm ending or a string to pull them out. You can also buy vibrating ones.

Anal Plugs

Explore different types of anal plugs.

Anal Vibrators



Couples, Throuples, or Groups!

So many accessories to explore:





Nipple claps?

Apart from those, there are also some that you might not have heard about before:

Chastity Device

Connected to the power play, those are supposed to restrain you or your genitals.

Sex Furniture

Pillows, beds, seats, etc. can help you to have a great experience!


To restrain your partner in a comfortable way.

Liberator Talea Spreader Bar


Waterproof Sheets

If urinating during sex seems to be an issue perhaps getting waterproof sheets can be a solution. Let preoccupation with stains and discomfort be a distant memory.

Liberator Fascinator Throw


The vibrating device can give pleasure to both partners and promote closeness. The inside is great for penile stimulation and the outer part for clitoral pleasure.



Some toys are also using electric waves to give you a different type of stimulation.

Perhaps you want to try those devices on your nipples? Vulva? Butt? Or penis?

Try different types of vibrators, nipple clamps, or butt plugs!




Remember to be safe from STIs and unwanted pregnancy! Also, keep your toys clean and out of reach of kids.

You can also make up a safe word. Often used are colors ‘RED’- Stop; ‘YELLOW’- wait or slow down; ‘GREEN’ – go on

Good communication is the key to awesome sex life!

To find out more and enhance the quality of connection in your relationship try sexual therapy online or sex therapy in Sydney. If you do not have sexual problems general couples therapy and marriage counselling are also viable options.

Ask a sexologist online for guidance and an appointment now.